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If you have any questions that are not resolved in the FAQ, please leave them in the email or [1:1 inquiry].

1:1 inquiry- PC: login→ top right ID→ My Page→ 1:1 inquiry
                     Mobile: Login→ Top 3 lines on the right → Top 3 points on the right → My Page → 1:1 inquiry

Operating hours- 10:30~18:30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (closed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays)

Inquiries are processed sequentially, but please understand that it may take some time depending on the workload of the processing department.

DETAILPART   ㅣ   CEO  Ahn hyun   ㅣ 

Closed Fri, Sat & Sun

Copyright© 2019 by Brenthon E&O. all rights reserved.

Copyright© 2019 by Brenthon equipment & ornament. all rights reserved.

DETAILPART   ㅣ   CEO  Ahn hyun   ㅣ   Corporate registration number  142-04-31988   l Closed Fri, Sat & Sun