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How to apply for Brenthon Partners registration application 

Welcome to ‘Brenthon Partners’ registration.

Partnership with Brenthon (hereinafter referred to as ‘the company’) makes you able to order products with discount.

Be aware of [ Attentive points of Brenthon Partners registration application ] and fill out the application form below and submit. We are going to contact you after review.

Attentive points of Brenthon Partners registration application  

* General consumers who are not distributors are not allowed to register as partners.

* Partners registration can be refused if your entire conditions do not meet the standards of the company.

* Fill in your exact information in the partner registration form below. (In English)

   If Partners registration gets completed, Partners discount (30%) is applied automatically when you purchase with the account.

* The discount rate can vary according to the company’s policy.

Brenthon Partners registration application


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